Tenkara Outfit

Experience an ancient form of fly fishing with this unique Tenkara rod and line outfit.


A subdued and traditional iteration of fly fishing, tenkara originated several hundred years ago in the high-gradient streams flowing through the mountains of Japan. Appreciated for its simple elegance and lightweight approach, tenkara utilizes only the essential elements of fly fishing—a rod, a line, and a fly—and completely bypasses the need for a reel. This Tenkara rod and line outfit, manufactured by Tenkara USA, provides everything an angler needs to begin learning about this ancient form of fishing. Imported.

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The outfit includes:

  • Tenkara USA Iwana 12-foot rod. Ideal for stream fly fishing, the extreme length allows for the line to be kept off the water at great distances to achieve perfect, drag-free drifts. The rod is telescopic, collapsing to a mere 20" in length and weighs only 2.7 oz.
  • Traditional tenkara line. Designed specifically for casting with tenkara rods, the traditional line is furled and tapered, allowing for precise casting.
  • Tenkara level line. Level lines are single-diameter lines, and can be cut to the desired length, with suggested lengths varying from 12 feet to 25 feet. Level lines can be kept off the water at great distances for extended drifts.
  • A tenkara line holder, an essential accessory for managing and storing the tenkara line when not in use. This line holder is the best method to manage the line: connect the hook to one of the multiple notches, wind the line around it, press the line between the foam and plastic spool, and slide it right over the rod.
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    51 of 52 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Introduction to Tenkara - 2/11/2015
      By: from Worcester UK

      Bought as an introduction to Tenkara fly fishing and now looking forward to using it on the rivers and streams of the English/Welsh borderlands. Orvis delivery was super-fast as usual and the imported items in the outfit appear to be of good quality.

    • 5/5

      Great for Tenkara starters - 11/14/2014
      By: from Sheffield , UK

      I bought this outift in order to try out Tenkara fishing for the first time. I am very satisfied with the quality of the rod, and the two supplied lines and line holder are similarly of high quality, as you would expect from Orvis. One reason for choosing Orvis instead of other Tenkara suppliers was a) the outfit has all you need to get fishing and b) I trust Orvis and their guarantees if anything did go wrong. I won't say that I'm an expert (or perhaps even an inexpert!) Tenkara fisher yet but I am beginning to learn how to use the equipment properly, and learning the 'Tenkara style' of fishing in contrast to my normal river fly fishing. Very satisfied

    • 5/5

      Just love it!!! - 9/16/2014
      By: from Macomb, MI

      I purchased this rod for backpacking. With the love of fishing and hiking, I always found it difficult to carry my fly fishing gear. I decided to give it a try. I have been practicing with my tenkara rod and found that it's the best thing since slice bread. It's very light weight and compact. It's fits in my pack and I don't need all that extra gear. It handles 15-17" smallmouth bass very easily so I'm sure it will handle the trout. No worries when I want to change locations since it telescopes down to a 20" baton. I am already think of buying more of these tenkara outfits to give as gifts to my son and friends

    • 5/5

      Great for stroke patient - 9/12/2014
      By: from Troy, Ohio

      Project Healing Waters recommended the tenkara flyrod for me since I am a stroke patient with left side impairment. It has been fantastic! The rod allows me to return to one of my favorite hobbies -- flyfishing! I would highly recommend it to anyone with my handicap.

    • 5/5

      Great at both ends of the skill spectrum - 8/18/2014
      By: from Montana

      Way too many reviews focus on Tenkara VERSUS Western fly rods. That's like comparing your 2 wt ultralight to 7 wt streamer rod and arguing which one is better. The answer is neither. Both have their applications, and that is the heart of the matter with Tenkara. I have fished western for many years, and still love to do so. I consider myself to be very proficient with a standard rod/reel, but I also find certain places and circumstances are best fished Tenkara. By way of example, I have a small stream behind my house. I tried to fish it a few times with my western rod, and just couldn't. It was too small and too hard to get the fly where it needed to be without hanging in brush or bank. My Tenkara rod opened up that stream to me. I could dapple a fly across the full width of the stream with a 12' rod, or bow and arrow much more accurately than with my traditional rod. It's hard to explain but the light line and long rod length really open up some new techniques. I caught numerous fish (up to 12") in a stream I couldn't previously fish at all. On a separate occasion, I took my daughter on a float of a nearby river. Previously, when I handed her a fly rod I knew that my patience was going to be pushed to the max, I was going to lose some nice leaders to knots, and probably end up with a lot of flies lost with few or no fish. I handed her the Tenkara rod this trip and it was a much different experience for both of us. Without worrying about a reel and a heavy line, she could place the fly naturally and well. We didn't have a bunch of line management disasters and best of all-- she caught fish! It got her pumped about fishing, and allowed me to relax a little. Anyone who has tried to teach a child or spouse how to fish knows the value of this! So, I say Tenkara offers something to both an expert and a beginner. It's not about being a gear guy, it's about recognizing that there is no one perfect fly rod and that it's always good to have the right tools for the situation. P.S. A Tenkara rod makes a wonderful backcountry rod, especially for streams or shore accessible lakes.

    • 5/5

      Great for the beginner! - 7/26/2014

      High quality outfit for anyone interested in tenkara or looking to make a first foray into fly fishing.

    • 5/5

      Great Stepping Ston - 7/15/2014

      Great package to start off with. Good stepping stone for those who are new to fly fishing.

    • 5/5

      Simple Perfection - 6/10/2014

      Orvis does it again! My Tenkara rod has become my go to fly rod. First trip out I caught some very nice brook trout.

    • 5/5


    • 5/5

      Tenkara USA - 5/28/2014

      Received the package without delay. Took it out the next day. I watched the online videos on knots and assembly which are VERY helpful and was all set. I had a fun time and took it to the suburban and in untying (eventhough I thought I did as the video said), broke about a 1/4 inch section. Saddened, i went home and contacted Tenkara to see if I could get more Lillian and replacement tip. They were fantastic to work with me and decided they had a faulty part and would not charge me for the replacement and I requested express delivery and in a couple of days was again able to assemble easily and fish!! What a great partnership -- Orvis and Tenkara. I could not be happier and would highly recommend to beginners to learn to cast, use flies and for the advanced to really learn to get in "touch" with their line. It certainly helped me the next trip with my tradition rod and reel--higher catch rate!! Thanks ORVIS

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