Clearwater Spey 7-weight 13' Fly Rod

Launch big casts effortlessly with this 7-weight Spey rod.


Go anywhere in the world chasing after summer and winter steelhead. The Clearwater Spey 13-foot 7-weight is your multipurpose champion; dabble in Norwegian Atlantic salmon runs or throw streamers to Western brown trout. Lightweight and comfortable to cast, the Clearwater Spey is ready to chase adventure.

Simply put, fishing big water with big fly rods requires a lot of effort. Why not make it easier—and more affordable—for yourself? Clearwater® Spey rods provide high-end performance at an excellent price, giving you the back-saving ease of two-handed casting with wallet-saving benefits. Now you can chase steelhead across the country and still have enough gas money to make it back home.


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  • Clearwater Spey 7-weight 13' Fly Rod £329.00
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