Interior Car Door Protectors

Keep your door scratch-free with these car door protectors.


These microsuede shields fit easily over your car's door interior to keep excited paws and drool off door upholstery, vinyl, or leather. Plastic tabs at the top of the protector tuck into the window well while weighted flaps at the bottom help hold it in place, covering the majority of the car door. A Velcro flap on the back allows for shorter width fit if car window does not open all the way. Built-in storage pockets. Set of two. Washable.
Approx. 18"H x 27"W.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 3.7 / 5 based on 67 reviews


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  • 3/5

    Mixed reviews - 10/14/2014

    These do not stay in place well at all and can only be put on with the window partially dog easily drags them off and they slip out when you put the window up. I am being kind with my 3 star rating as I see the product as better than nothing.

  • 2/5

    Not as I hoped. - 9/22/2014
    By: from Chicago, IL

    I have a very large ('slobber producing' 110# dog). When I got my new car (some idiot thought a little suede trim on the door was a great idea), I was faced with a problem. When I saw this product I thought it would solve everything. I inserted the plastic tabs into the window and it looked great. Until I put the window down & up & it fell out. I am going to create something myself out of velcro so I can remove/wash it. Most of the other Orvis products I have purchased in the past were wonderful.

  • 1/5

    bah-humbug - 9/17/2014
    By: from 28705

    tabs are not long enough to keep them where they belong. They end up on the floor. Might be alright for a little dog, but I have a pitbull.

  • 3/5

    Doesn't Work in Our Car - 9/8/2014
    By: from Charlotte, NC

    This is a good idea, but the plastic tabs don't go down into our windows so there is in way to make if stay in the door. If the tabs fit, we would keep the item.

  • 5/5

    Great Product - 9/3/2014
    By: from Conway NH

    The interior car door protector is a dream come true for dogs lovers on the go. It comes in the most popular car interior colors. The compartments easily fit leashes, water bottles and treats to name a few. Anything that would need when traveling with your pet. Installation is easy. Just place the plastic portion within the window space of your car and that's it. Machine washable

  • 1/5

    unusable - 8/27/2014
    By: from northern NM

    so disappointed that I could not use these protectors on my 2013 Tundra. they are way too wide. there is an alternative velcro option, but I could not figure it out and there are no directions. (both sides of the velcro were already attached to the protector). they got returned.

  • 1/5

    Useless item - 8/21/2014
    By: from Woburn, MA

    I bought these door covers for my new car. But I found out they are only useful when the windows are closed. They won't stay in window groove when windows are open.

  • 3/5

    love the idea of this product! - 8/18/2014

    The idea behind this product is fantastic, and it does do a great job at keeping the car door scratch free and better stability for the dogs that like to stick their heads out the window. However, it doesn't stay put if the window is going up or down. Seems like every other car trip we have to adjust it so it will stay for the next drive.

  • 3/5

    Doesn't fit in the window of the Volvo. - 8/8/2014

    The product is well made, however the plastic tabs will not fit down in the window of my Volvo XC60. The tolerances of the window are simply too tight. This is more an individual vehicle issue than the product. If you have a vehicle that is made to be very quiet while driving down the road, there is a good chance that the window will be made to fit very tightly in the door preventing the tabs fitting in between the door and window.

  • 1/5

    3 strikes I am out - 7/31/2014

    Unfortunately this product did not work on any of our 3 cars. Very disappointing as the seat covers are excellent. It would not fit into the window. Perhaps there could be a redesign for other cars.

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