Superfine Glass 4-weight 7'6" Fly Rod

Experience classic glass feel with this 4 -weight fiberglass fly rod.


Get ready to change the way you feel. We've applied modern Orvis taper design principles to a classic rod-building material to produce a 4-weight fiberglass fly rod that's smooth and slow, yet crisp and strong. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. With unsanded S-2 fiberglass blanks, uplocking cork and silver reel seats, and a hard chrome Litewire stripping guide, no details were spared in the making of this soon-to-be classic. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.


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  • 5/5

    Antique Quality... - 9/6/2015
    By: from Southern Australia

    I have only wet this rod once so far but with some fast approaching fishing trips i can't wait to fully test it. Out of the box the quality on this rod is phenomenal! The acton is smooth and fitting of a glass rod. My requested personalisation was executed spectacularly. The finish and fit are heirloom quality and i look forward to a lifetime of fishing with it, and passing it on to my children and maybe even their children! Thanks Orvis

  • 5/5

    Perfect Rod for Small Stream Fishing ! - 7/29/2015
    By: from Bedford, NH

    Many thanks to Tom Zemianek of Orvis and Dan Fitzgerald of my hometown flyshop Stoneriver Outfitters for introducing me to the Superfine Fiberglass rod I just purchased for my blue line fishing in the White Mountains of NH. Perfect rod for the task this past weekend. A joy to cast and gave the small stream brookies and rainbows a chance to show off and bend the rod ! Accurate and easy to turn over dry flies at close distance with enough backbone to mend and dap as needed. Great job Tom and Dan and thank you Orvis ! Kent in NH

  • 5/5

    Fantastic Rod - 7/25/2015
    By: from Cheltenham UK

    Desperate to try my new rod I ventured out in torrential rain and a stiff breeze, to fish the Gloucestershire Coln, last night. It is perfect: responsive, delicate and accurate. The headwind - no problem! It landed 6 wild trout from 0.5 to 3.5lb and felt 'right' for small and large fish alike. I think I've struck gold here - it is PERFECT for these Cotswold streams. Thank you Tom Rosenbauer for selling me this through your podcast!

  • 5/5

    Outstanding! - 7/3/2015
    By: from NY

    An amazing rod. Casts like a dream and roll casts better than any rod I have ever used. Feels longer than it is, has good "backbone", and transmits the feel of the fish like bamboo. A bargain at the price.

  • 5/5

    Simple best dry fly rod - 7/1/2015
    By: from East Sussex
    Top 1000 Contributor

    Guys, bought this rod from Uttings couple weeks ago. Just after two days trip to Welsh Dee can agree, this rod outstanding for dry flies, fly line like a kiss a water surface. Very soft and slow, vintage, easy cast 20-25 meters. If you like fishing on surface with small and medium dry flies, this rod it's the best!!!!

  • 5/5

    Best for Small Streams - 6/29/2015

    Excellent slow rod. Beautiful to cast, exciting to catch fish with.

  • 5/5

    Superfine super feel - 6/27/2015
    By: from Las vegas

    An amazing rod that should be in every fly fishing arsenal.

  • 5/5

    New favorite! - 6/12/2015
    By: from Virginia

    I ordered the Superfine Glass after growing tired of modern fast action rods that took away the element of relaxation from my fly fishing trips. This rod has a slow, smooth, and crisp action that literally brings a smile to my face. Where my other rods jerked around and slung flies at the water, my superfine flexes and lofts flies right to were I am aiming. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

  • 5/5

    The Only Glass You'll Need - 6/3/2015
    By: from Austin, TX

    Full flex. Full feel. Pound for pound, this is the best fiberglass rod out there in this price range, backed by the industry's best warranty and customer service. Fishing the small waters here in Austin is awesome with the superfine glass. Roll casting is extremely easy in tight spaces and the ability to switch from using dry flies to double nymph rigs without a drop in performance seems effortless. The panfish and bass here crush nymphs on the drift and even with the smallest fish you feel the fight with this rod. If you can stand to relax and slow your casting rhythm, this fly rod will reward you with perfect loops and realistic presentation. It definitely has been a pleasure.

  • 5/5


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