Deluxe Microfibre Car Hammock Seat Protector

Our dog hammock seat cover protects your car or truck from pet hair and dirt.


Convert your backseat area into a comfortable travel area for your dog. The design of this microfibre seat saver allows it to capture loose dirt and sand before they can end up on your seats and floors. It's also water resistant and breathable. Installing is a breeze: Simply hook it to the front and rear headrests. Seatbelts can be pulled through hook-and-loop openings. Washable. Height-adjustable headrests required for installation.

  • Large 66"L x 51"W
  • X-large 66"L x 62"W


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.6 / 5 based on 569 reviews


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  • 5/5

    My Ridgeback loves it...more than me - 3/25/2015
    By: from Northern VA

    This car hammock for my dog is wonderful. Keeps my Tundra clean and the fabric is great for my dog, he does not slide all over the place like previous seat covers...very comfy. We could not be more satisfied with this Orvis product.

  • 5/5

    great car hammock - 3/24/2015

    My dog has difficulty jumping into the back of my SUV and the car ramp I have is cumbersome. This is very easy to install and remove, and I like that the hammock prevents my dog from slipping off the back seat with her front legs. We do have to take down one side so that she can jump onto the seat (the first time she climbed into the car and went right under the hammock!). In the back seat she's nice and comfy and more secure than when she's in the cargo space of my SUV. Easy and quick to take down and I can just fold it up when passengers need the seat. Very well made. A great purchase!

  • 5/5

    Great Purchase - 3/24/2015

    A little pricy but well worth it. Covers the entire back seat of my Silverado. Hair clings to material instead of blowing around everywhere when you open window or door. The raised edges keep it from falling down between door and seat. I do run a small bungee cord thru straps and hook to both head rests, this seems to keep my lab from wanting to jump up in front seats when we are not in truck. Seems very well made and no problems so far.

  • 5/5

    Deluxe Microfiber Car Hammock is good - 3/23/2015
    By: from Denver, CO

    We bought this to allow us to transport our Collie in the Lexus, and it works well. The fabric and fasteners appear to be of good quality, and are relatively easy to work with. The fabric was a bit difficult for our dog to walk on/turn around because of the hammock configuration and the backing does slide a bit on our leather seats, but we put a rectangular artificial fleece we had on it and that solved the issue. Our dog rides very comfortably.

  • 4/5

    It Covers The Seats - 3/23/2015
    By: from Cincinnati, OH

    The deluxe microfiber car hammock seat protector, referred to in this review as "Dog Hammock," seems well made and was fairly easy to install. I bought the large size for my Subaru Outback, and ended up trading up for the XL. The Large was just a few inches too short, and my cocker spaniel figured out how to slip under it. One of the reasons I purchased the dog hammock was to keep my dogs from jumping into the front seats. Unfortunately, they have now learned to jump over the dog hammock, so it has proven ineffective to that ends. Ultimately, it does protect my back seats from muddy paws, so that makes it worth the money to me.

  • 4/5

    Great quality product - 2/24/2015
    By: from Southern California

    I have purchased several competitive products to this one and none of them have held up. Some failed the first day I used them. This one has the best reinforced headrest straps of any I have purchased. It also has some other nice features such as the lip on the end of the cover to keep dirt and debris from sliding off of the cover onto the seat below,. The top material appears to have no wear at all so far, and the bottom material does provide good grip once the dogs are sitting on top of it. I am hopeful for many years of use. There are two things that I would change. There is nothing to keep the cover from sliding side to side when the dogs jump in. Two diagonal elastic straps that go around the corner of the bench seat would solve this (as some of the competition has). The other thing I don't like is that the bottom of the cover is cream colored. All of the color options are dark-ish in color. You can see the bottom of the cover when it is installed between the two front seats, it would be much better if it matched the top color or was black.

  • 5/5

    Perfect! - 2/19/2015
    By: from Delafield, WI

    The hammock seat protector is perfect for my car (Subaru Outback wagon). It's very sturdy and substantial, and the tailoring and adjustable straps make it fit really well. It also creates a very secure space for the dog with a defined flat seating area and barrier to the foot well and front seat. With the shoulder belts connected over the cover and through the buckle opening it doesn't shift at all. Love it.

  • 4/5

    Happy owner, happy pet... - 2/19/2015

    This car hammock back seat protector is a great product for you and your dog. The car stays clean and the hammock provides a boundary for your dog while riding in the back seat. The quilted microfiber fabric is comfortable and cozy. The coverage is complete without being cumbersome or excessive. Enjoy...

  • 5/5

    Great product - 2/16/2015

    I especially like the adjustable strap at the front of the hammock. By tightening the strap I make it difficult for my Border Collie to try and climb into the front seat.

  • 4/5

    Nice! - 2/15/2015
    By: from Ledyard , CT

    As you would expect from Orvis this is a nicely made protector. I got the slate. The top is rich looking and matches the interior of my car well. My only real complaint is, as mentioned in some previous reviews, the back of the hammock should be the same color. It is a cream color. So when it is in place what you see between your two front seats is the ugly cream. I clipped in my back seat seat belts to help secure and minimize any shifting.

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