Men’s Socks and Underwear

Socks and underwear form the very foundation of a sportsman’s attire. No matter how well assembled the rest of the outfit, no matter how thoughtful the construction of the trousers, shirt and outerwear, if the undergarments aren’t comfortable, nothing is comfortable. Our men’s socks and trunks are constructed to fit perfectly, without sliding down or bunching up, so they will always move with you seamlessly through any activity. You can set out in the best footwear in the world, but if you have a pair of socks that can’t hold up in action, creating uncomfortable folds and slipping, or worse, wearing straight through when the going gets rough, you may as well be barefoot. When you wear a pair from Orvis, you’ll never have to stop mid-stride to see to your feet. Our socks for men are designed for ultimate comfort and heavy wear, keeping in place whatever your pace, and lasting through intense use.

If it’s key to keep your socks in order, it goes without saying that the comfort of men’s underwear is essential. Our boxers and briefs are designed to strike an exact balance between support and freedom of motion, enabling you to charge ahead without even a momentary hitch. Constructed of a supremely soft material that wicks away moisture, this underwear never binds. We offer multiple styles, so you can enjoy Orvis comfort whichever type you prefer.