What explains the growth in the number of fly anglers picking up two-handed fly rods? Big fish, easier to catch. A two-handed fly rod (also known as a Spey Rod) will cast where there’s little room for a proper backcast, into distant seams where a drag-free drift would be impossible with a regular fly fishing rod. Not surprisingly, big fish find these lies appealing, safe from predators including the average angler. Advances in fly rod and fly line technologies have evolved hand in glove with technique to make casting a properly designed two-handed fly rod a whole lot easier than it was just a few years ago.

Two-handed casting is redefined with our versatile Helios spey rod.

Fishing: Two-Handed Fly Rods

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  Name Species Weight Flex Length Rod Series Price
Steelhead, Trout, Atlantic Salmon 6 Mid/Tip Flex 12'-15' Clearwater
Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead 7 Mid/Tip Flex 12'-15' Clearwater
Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead 8 Mid/Tip Flex 12'-15' Clearwater
Salmon, Pacific Salmon, Golden Dorado, Striped Bass, Steelhead, False Albacore/Bonito, Bluefish, Atlantic Salmon 9 Mid/Tip Flex 12'-15' Clearwater