Men's Outerwear Waistcoats

2 Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates £129.00 - £249.00
Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates £129.00 - £249.00
Everyday Stretch Cords £69.00Sale: £54.00
Italian Merino Wool V-Neck Waistcoat £45.00 - £49.00Sale: £39.00
The Orvis Signature Polo £65.00Sale: £49.00

Outdoor Waistcoats for Men

A well-made men’s outdoor waistcoat is indispensable. With these designs, you can go anywhere, unimpeded by foul weather, with your sense of style as unassailable as your garment. This collection provides a range of options that will help you keep on your way in conditions of all kinds. Our outdoor waistcoats for men make a handsome statement, in styles that range from ruggedly refined to quietly sophisticated. Because these are articles that you might wear every day, everywhere you go, each piece in this collection is designed to provide the perfect combination of good looks, comfort, and technical performance. All of our men’s outdoor waistcoats meet the highest standards, keeping you in complete comfort the year round. Our lightweight designs make dressing for the great outdoors a breeze even in warmer weather. They pair with a T-shirt to provide just the right level of coverage whilst also offering the breathability that is key to summertime comfort. As the weather transitions, our mid-weight outdoor waistcoats will stand you in good stead and good style. Even in winter, our heavier designs will see you through with proper layers underneath, like a good jumper. Don’t let the elements disrupt your plans. Shop our outerwear waistcoats for men, and you can be ready for anything.