Non-Iron Chinos £89.00Sale: £49.00
Striped Boatneck Knit Top £35.00Sale: £14.00
4.3/5 stars
Battenkill Gun Cases £179.00 - £239.00
4.8/5 stars
Wraparound Dog Bed £59.00 - £139.00
4.6/5 stars
Access Mid-Arbor Reels £115.00 - £160.00
4.8/5 stars
Featherweight Lambskin Jacket £559.00Sale: £279.00
4.7/5 stars
Long Trailsman Shearling Jacket £1,499.00Sale: £749.00
Pleated Non-Iron Chinos £89.00Sale: £59.00
Mirage Reels £339.00 - £505.00
4.8/5 stars
Crewneck Jumper £59.00Sale: £49.00

Men’s Footwear

Every gentleman knows that, whatever the activity at hand, his footwear is the foundation of the experience. Here at Orvis, we are committed to providing you with shoes for men of the utmost quality, because we understand how essential it is to keep your feet in fine fettle, whether you’re trekking across the moors or pounding the pavement toward the office. Your shoes are the unsung heroes of every activity that goes off without a hitch—if the shoes hold firm, your plans can proceed smoothly, but should the shoes fail, things can come to an abrupt halt. That’s why every item in this collection was designed with the greatest possible care, crafted from the finest materials, and tested rigorously in the field before it was included in our offerings. If we find any of our footwear styles lacking in any respect, the pair goes back through this design and testing process as many times as it must, until it meets our—and your—very high expectations.

Orvis is known for infallible construction in apparel and accessories, but nowhere is this reputation more important than in regards to men’s shoes. From your outerwear to your socks, no other piece of your ensemble is so key and is worn so thoroughly in the course of normal use. It takes a special design process to create a pair of boots for men that will never quit, or a pair of slippers that will stand up to regular excursions outdoors. Only Orvis can provide you with the triple-guarantee of fine style, great comfort, and outstanding durability across all of our footwear, from boat shoes to walking shoes. Whatever the road ahead looks like, we have a pair that can take you down it in good form.