Men’s Sweatshirts

Our sweatshirts aren’t just for wearing on rough-and-tumble adventures, or during those quiet days around the house—though they are perfect for both of those settings. Completely comfortable and relaxed, our men’s sweatshirts are also so handsomely designed that most would look right at home at the office, or under a blazer at dinner. At Orvis, we believe that comfort need not supersede style and this selection is the proof. Toss on a light quarter-zip sweatshirt for just the right level of warmth on a crisp autumn afternoon, and you’re already ready to go out in good style that evening. Layer up in one of our cardigan sweatshirts, which afford great venting when the mercury rises, and also close back up snugly when the temperature drops. Put one on over a dress shirt, and suddenly you’re all business whilst totally at ease. The same goes for all of our classic pullover sweatshirts, with their relaxed fit and fabric so soft, you’ll never want to take them off. Combining those essential qualities—comfort, good looks, and rugged design—any of these layering pieces is prepared to handle whatever plans you have ahead, making our men’s sweatshirts a sportsman’s essential.