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Whatever the weather, we have the men’s casual jackets or coats that will allow you to brave it in style. This collection was designed to offer exceptional performance for the wide range of conditions one can encounter in the UK. Our men's coats are an outdoorsman’s essential, with waterproof designs that provide an impenetrable shell under which you can layer jumpers or T-shirts as needed, and pockets that will protect your personal effects against the heaviest downpours. For warm-weather wearing, we offer lighter pieces suitable for summer’s worst storms. Our waterproof jackets are both impervious to rain, and also amazingly breathable, making sure that moisture on the outside stays out, and moisture on the inside moves out. Though these pieces offer their own brand of handsome looks that any man would be happy to sport even during fine weather, we also have a wide selection of pieces fit for drier days, whether warm or cold. Men's casual jackets with quilting lend a subtle sense of distinction to their wearer, as well as a perfect three-season layer of warmth. These pieces can even be worn in winter with ease, given a hearty accompaniment of layers. Our men's coats come in a variety of styles suited for outdoor adventures of all kinds, with features specifically designed for your pursuits. All of these Orvis pieces are crafted to provide high-quality construction, exceptional comfort, and excellent looks. Our meticulous design process guarantees that you’ll enjoy all of these aspects of your casual jacket or coat for many years to come.