Elasticated Waist Trousers & Jeans For Men


Elasticated Waist Trousers & Jeans for Men

Our elasticated waist trousers for men are the ultimate in carefree menswear. While all of our trousers are designed for supreme comfort, this line goes a step further. Each waistband in this collection is crafted to offer a generous stretch, moving with you as you bend or sit, and smoothly shifting back into shape as you stand. Whether you’re at the office or deep in the woods, our elasticated waist trousers for men make it easy to keep your mind on the task at hand. A poorly fitted waistband causes no end of hassle and discomfort. If your trousers don’t sit well, it’s that much more of a challenge to put together an ensemble that does you justice. Your trousers shouldn’t have the power to detract from your plans. That’s why every pair that Orvis offers guarantees your comfort, and why this selection goes the extra mile to keep you at ease. Our comfortable trousers for men make it easy to keep up your pace on the pavement or on the trails. And, because we at Orvis believe that you should never have to sacrifice style or performance for comfort, you’ll find that these are not only the most comfortable pairs you’ve ever worn, but also among the best looking. These elasticated waist trousers for men are handsome enough to go well with a shirt and blazer, and versatile enough to look natural with a T-shirt.