Men's Moleskin & Corduroy Trousers


Men’s Moleskin and Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy and moleskin trousers offer a rare combination of sophistication, comfort, and hardiness. There are few fabrics that combine all of these traits, and one might fairly say no others do it with such style. Moleskin trousers are an essential autumn item for every man, providing that outdoors-to-night-out versatility that makes them worth twice their space in the closet. The fabric’s unique texture lends a sense of distinction to any ensemble. Men’s moleskin trousers are known for their long-wearing resilience, ensuring that you’ll not only love your pair from the very start, but enjoy them for many years to come. That’s the benefit of shopping with Orvis. We design all of our trousers with long-lasting quality in mind, prompting us to look for materials that are not only handsome and comfortable, but durable. This is the process that lead to the creation of our corduroy trousers, in designs that look appropriate in the board room, and a fabric that will weather any activity with ease.