Men's Non-Iron Trousers


Men’s Non-Iron Trousers

Look crisp wherever your travels take you in our non-iron trousers. These pairs are the best friend of businessmen and adventurers alike, making it easy to present a polished look upon arrival, no matter how long the journey. Our non-iron chinos are the favoured travel clothes of men who are often on the road, serving as a refined yet low-maintenance everyday option. You can pack them away without a worry, no need for hanging luggage that keeps them from getting cramped. Simply fit your non-iron trousers into your baggage wherever you can, and then, when you arrive, take them out and give them a quick shake. That’s all the care they require before you can put them on and get on your way in smooth style. Our non-iron trousers offer men such an attractive set of qualities, many choose to wear them every single day. Here at Orvis, we refuse to compromise on looks in order to provide function, nor will we sacrifice stylish function for comfort. That’s why this collection of non-iron trousers not only performs beautifully under extreme pressure, looking crisp even after the roughest flights, but also offers everyday wearability, in comfortable fabrics and fits that look just as fine as any other, higher-maintenance style. Unlike many non-iron lines, these trousers for men go through a special treatment process that allows them to resist wrinkling without becoming rigid, making ours the softest, most comfortable pairs you’ll find anywhere. Wearing is believing. Once you go non-iron, you’ll never go back.