Men's Jewellery & Ties


Men's Ties & Jewellery

Set your look apart with one of our ties or bracelets for men. These pieces provide an uncommon sense of refinement, taking any outfit to the next level, whether you’re wearing pressed trousers and a blazer, or your cosiest jumper and jeans. Our leather bracelets for men exude an air of rustic charm, complementing your style with a subtle embellishment totally in keeping with your particular character. Crafted from materials of the highest quality, each piece communicates a distinctive impression, in styles that range from simply sophisticated, to ruggedly handsome. The superior materials used in all of our men’s jewellery enhance the profile of every piece, contributing to its appeal. Just such a slight accent can shift the tenor of your look, making an understated yet subtly transformative impact on the personality that you project. Here at Orvis, we know that small details make a big difference. That’s why our bracelets for men are crafted with a keen eye for detail, shaping each piece toward a well-defined statement. Our braided bracelets for men are woven with exceptional skill and aesthetic knack, allowing them to convey a timelessly handsome sensibility. In this collection, we have accessories that embody various sporting themes, so you can accent your look with a piece that aligns with your interests. Shop our men’s bracelets and ties collection to introduce an element of quietly distinctive style into your look.