Cashmere & Wool Jumpers for Men

Men's Cashmere and Wool Jumpers

Nothing keeps winter’s chills at bay like our cashmere and wool jumpers for men. When the mercury dips, you’ll want to be sure to have one on hand. Crafted from natural fibres of the finest quality, our men's cashmere jumpers combine luxury and necessity in a single article of clothing, keeping you warm without weighing you down or disrupting your style. Incredibly lightweight and fine, the fibres of cashmere provide unparalleled insulation and softness, making it an ideal cool-weather knit. Nothing is as splendid on a cold winter day as a men’s cashmere jumper, with its signature soft texture and featherweight warmth. The knit pairs well with others, making these pieces ideal layers for a wide range of ensembles.

Wool jumpers for men have their own special place in every sportsman’s wardrobe. Providing insulation, breathability, and distinctive texture similar to cashmere, wool is also a hardy fibre, providing harder-wearing longevity than many natural materials. Available in a variety of weights and weaves, men’s wool jumpers can be heavy enough to stop short any winter wind, or they can be light enough to serve perfectly during summertime. With so many options to choose from, you may just want a piece for every season.