Made in America


Men’s Made in America Clothing

We offer a collection of exceptional products made in America, so that you can enjoy our unique sense of history and an outstanding level of craftsmanship. These items embody a distinctive sense of style, both hard-wearing and handsome, and a certain abiding ingenuity. Our American clothing is designed and constructed by some of the best craftspeople in the world, a fact reflected in every stitch and seam, every button and bellow pocket. These products are composed of materials of the highest possible quality, from durably lustrous leather to fabrics that outperform all competition. These American clothes and accessories are all characterized by the commitment we hold here at Orvis, to create products as sophisticated and durable as they are sublimely comfortable. We believe that you should never sacrifice quality for style, nor should a ruggedly refined item ever be anything other than a pleasure to wear. Our American products will exceed your high expectations with an individual flair. These pieces make wonderful additions to any wardrobe, and are the sort of item that anyone would be happy to have or to give as a special gift. Import a little Yankee style into your look with our collection of American products.