Wraparound Dog Bed £79.00 - £159.00
Dream Lounger Memory Foam Dog Bed £139.00 - £315.00Sale: £109.00 - £249.00
Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed £149.00 - £289.00
Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed £209.00 - £289.00
2 Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates £129.00 - £249.00
Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates £129.00 - £249.00

Outerwear for Women

A sophisticated piece of outerwear is simply indispensable. Our refined coats for women are equally ready to take on the town or brave the elements. This is one article of clothing that adds style to any ensemble, enhancing your look with a pulled-together top layer. We at Orvis are deeply committed to creating apparel of the highest quality, which is why the design and testing process that produces our jackets for women is one of the most rigorous in the world. No detail is small enough to escape our scrutiny, from each button and zipper to the way a double-stitched seam wears in action. Our materials are the finest to be found anywhere in the world, in performance blends and formulations that can keep up with any level of activity or weather. We would never send you out into a storm wearing a waterproof raincoat that hadn’t been thoroughly tried and proven under real-world conditions.

Whichever type of jacket you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy the same assurance that we have designed it to function exactly as you need, whether that means keeping you dry in good form, or adding a chic layer to your outfit whilst keeping you comfortable. Each piece provides the perfect balance of style and performance appropriate for the task at hand, whether you’re wearing a ladies’ Barbour jacket on a long outdoor trek, or a travel jacket on a trip around the globe. We offer pieces in materials of varying levels of weight and warmth, making it simple to find something new as the seasons change, or when you plan a holiday to a different region. Though they come in a wide range of colours, all of our women’s outerwear pieces are designed to create a distinctive impression, so you’ll be dressed accordingly wherever life takes you.