sweatshirts & fleece

Sweatshirts & Fleece

Wraparound Dog Bed £59.00 - £139.00
Backseat Protector £89.00 - £109.00
Solid Boatneck Knit Tee £35.00Sale: £14.00
Wool-Plaid Hacking Jacket £269.00Sale: £179.00
Battenkill Gun Cases £179.00 - £239.00
Orvis Fatwood £25.00 - £35.00
Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates £129.00 - £249.00
2 Panel Zig-Zag Dog Gates £129.00 - £249.00
Easy-Fitting Vintage Denim Skirt £75.00Select Items on Sale: £39.00
Deep Dish Dog Bed £119.00 - £198.00
Merino Wool V-Neck Jumper £79.00Sale: £39.00
Denim Chino Pants £85.00 - £89.00
Garment-Washed Crewneck Tee £25.00Sale: £19.00
Crewneck Jumper £59.00Sale: £49.00
Safe Passage Wader Tote £65.00Sale: £45.50
Foul-Weather Cardigan £99.00Sale: £79.00
Trout Bum Softshell Jacket £79.00Sale: £59.00
Safe Passage® Sling Pack £69.00 - £75.00Sale: £48.30 - £52.50
Pleated Non-Iron Chinos £89.00Sale: £59.00
Inverted Notch-Neck Jacket £169.00Sale: £89.00
Sherpa Fleece Jacket £89.00Sale: £59.00
Wrinkle-Resistant Gingham Sport Coat £179.00Select Items on Sale: £149.00
Short-Sleeved Bush Shirt £69.00Sale: £55.00
Dream Lounger Memory Foam Dog Bed £129.00 - £289.00Sale: £99.00 - £229.00
Stretch Corduroy L-Pocket Trousers £69.00Select Items on Sale: £44.00
Chambray Weekend Shirtdress £119.00Sale: £94.00
Soft-top Jacket £125.00Sale: £99.00
Sandanona Wax Cloth Jacket £289.00Sale: £199.00
Waxed Mac Raincoat £159.00Sale: £89.00
Suede Bomber Jacket £269.00Sale: £189.00
Signature Softest Sweatshirt £39.00 - £45.00Sale: £24.00 - £34.00
Non-Iron Chinos £89.00Sale: £49.00
Wine Barrel Lazy Susan £115.00Sale: £69.00
Sandanona Windblock Fleece £115.00Sale: £79.00
Summit Explorer Parka £275.00Sale: £135.00
Italian Merino Cardigan £55.00Sale: £35.00

Sweatshirt for Women

We have women’s sweatshirts and fleeces so comfortable and effortlessly good-looking, they will make you positively pleased to see a cool day in the forecast. If you’ve ever lacked for just the right layer to toss on for a brisk walk on a cool morning, or a simple piece to wear with jeans around town as you run your errands, now you’ve found it. Our sweatshirts for women provide perfect three-season warmth, and make exceptionally good layering pieces when winter rolls around. For added comfort, we have more than one piece that features an open front that you can zip or button as the activity or weather demands it. We offer our sweatshirts in several smart styles, with colours and patterns that will have you reaching for them every single day. This collection also includes a selection of ladies’ fleeces with casual versatility. Not only made for active days outdoors, our designs are tailored so nicely that many will layer perfectly under an elegant jacket, making them a natural choice for the office or an evening out. Here at Orvis, we believe that good looks should never come at the cost of comfort, or vice versa. Our fleeces for women are designed with a keen eye for detail, creating looks that will carry you from the garden to town in great shape.