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Sunglasses and Optics for Men

Our collection of sunglasses for men provides more than simple protection from the sun’s rays. They make a statement. Like a watch or wallet, they complement and enhance your personal sense of style, while at the same time performing their indispensable function. Every sportsman knows that sunglasses for men are an outdoor essential. Whether you’re at the water’s edge or at the steering wheel, excessive light can interfere with performance, making it difficult to survey your field of vision for the information that you need. Hats help, but they can’t shield in every direction. Our collection of men’s sunglasses puts a damper on extreme brightness, adjusting your exposure to a manageable level. When you wear a pair from Orvis, you can get on with the business at hand in comfort, knowing your eyes are protected from harsh, harmful exposure to UV rays. Our fishing sunglasses offer sleek styling and an athletic, comfortable fit, along with the polarization necessary to cut through blinding glare. Each pair in our collection is designed to perform on the highest level, and look fine at the same time. Our men’s sunglasses were crafted to become a seamless extension of your sense of style, giving you just one more reason to smile when the sun comes out.