Trousers & Shorts


Trousers & Shorts for Men

Get on your way in handsome comfort with our travel trousers and travel shorts for men. When you dress in items from this collection, it becomes a simple matter to look put together whilst abroad. Like our non-iron shirts, these items were designed to offer easy-wearing, low-maintenance good looks, ready to keep up with even the most demanding schedule. Our travel trousers are handsome workhorses, riding out long flights and long treks with equal ease. Crafted with the world-traveller in mind, each pair in this selection features elements that you’ll find especially handy on the road, from secret security pockets, to hidden elasticated waists that will preserve your comfort. We offer styles in a variety of weights, so you can find a pair that will keep you comfortable in whatever climate you visit. Our travel trousers for men come in a range of different designs, with profiles appropriate for every level of activity and refinement, whether you’re hiking through the woods or sitting in the board room. At Orvis, we have more than a century of experience outfitting distinctive sportsmen, and we brought every ounce of that experience to bear in the design of each item in this collection of travel clothes and accessories. The result is a selection of travel trousers and shorts for men so comfortable and fine, you’ll find yourself reaching for them even when you’re back home.