The Helios 3… A Right Good Going Over!

The Helios 3 strung up and ready for battle in deepest Russia.

The launch of the Helios 3 had us all itching to get our grubby mitts on this new and exciting rod. After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued by claims of “true tracking and deadly accurate”? Skeptics might say this is mere hype, though having compared the H3 side by side with both its predecessors the H1 and H2, I can confidently say a dollop of truth exists.


Check the Chip Day: Is Your Dog in the Microchip Database?

One in three dogs will become lost at some point, and we want them to find their way home. Your dog’s microchip is a proactive way to ensure a happy ending for a wandering pet, but the chip is effective only if the information recorded on it is current. That’s the idea behind Check the Chip Day, falling on August 15 of each year.