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Welcome to our UK Fly Fishing Experts section! We've assembled a very experienced team of Guides and Instructors to help you grow your knowledge of all aspects of our sport. The aim is to give you a quick and easy reference to the products and skills you need pursue your chosen quarry, and to answer questions like: Which is the best fly rod? How do you choose the right reel? What are the best stalking techniques? It's all here from the likes of Paul Procter, Oliver Edwards and others. We have grouped the Experts' Articles under these five different headings, so just click on one and browse:

Fly Fishing Tips: River Trout & Grayling
Fly Fishing Tips: Stillwaters
Fly Fishing Tips: Salmon & Sea Trout
Fly Fishing Tips: Saltwater Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Tips: Pike & Other Species


River Trout & Grayling
Jeff Clark Jeff Clark:
Tarporley Fishing Manager
Fly Fishing for Grayling
Recommendations on how to fish for this superb specie, the Grayling.
Paul Procter

Paul Procter:
Orvis Fly-fishing Consultant and Writer.

Summer Sedges - Tips for Fishing the Caddis Hatch
During lazy summer afternoons, little stirs at the surface. Come evening time however, as trout home in on the caddis carnival, the river erupts into life...

Mayfly Time
Late May and June sees the emergence of our largest and most spectacular ephemerid-the mayfly... .

Ready for the New Season on Rivers
It's that time of year again, when those who pack away the tackle for winter will now have the bit between their teeth...

Winter Grayling Fishing
...sooner or later, winter...takes hold, (and has) us delving into boxes for weighted bugs and nymphs in a bid to scour the streambed for retreating grayling.

In Search of Wild Trout and Solitude
How to chose the best fly fishing rod for the variety of trout fishing conditions in the UK.

Procter's Mayfly Kit Choice
Paul's selection for approaching this celebrated hatch.

Graham Wood

Graham Wood:
Orvis Guide and Fly-fishing Expert.

Chalkstream Fishing Techniques
Recommendations for equipment and techniques.

Lines, Leaders and Tippet for Trout Fishing
The best criteria for choosing gear.

Colin Pape Colin Pape:
Orvis Endorsed Guide.
Fishing for Wild Brown Trout on the West County Rivers
Advice for those wanting to fish these infamous rivers.
Dave Martin Dave Martin:
Orvis-endorsed Guide.

Teaching Beginners to Fly Fish
Advice for fly fishing instructors including common mistakes, challenges, and rewards of the profession.

Chalkstream Grayling - Tactics and Tackle
What it means to be prepared when going out for chalkstream grayling.

Chalkstream Trout - Tactics and Tackle
Learn what it takes to take on the Chalkstream Trout

Howard Day Howard Day:
Orvis-endorsed Guide.
The Lure of the Outer Hebrides
Experiences on the Outer Hebrides.
Steve Rhodes Steve Rhodes:
Full time Fly-fishing Instructor and Orvis Guide.
Freestone Fundamentals - Trout and Grayling in Northern Rivers
Opinions and tips.
Paul Procter Paul Procter:
Orvis Fly-fishing Consultant and Writer.

Getting Ready for the New Season on Stillwaters
Despite some fisheries providing us with sport throughout the winter months, March still heralds the start of the trout fishing season proper...

It's Daddy Time autumn draws closer, we live in hope that more and more daddies find their way onto water.

Martin Cottis Martin Cottis:
Expert Guide.
Reservoir Fishing
This expert guide and instructor is perfectly placed to give us the benefit of his reservoir fly fishing experience.
Stewart Collingswood Stewart Collingswood:
Orvis-endorsed Guide
An Introduction to Float Tube Fishing
An introduction to an "often overlooked...and pleasurable method of catching trout."
Orvis Rutland Team Orvis Rutland Team: Competition Fly Fishing - Why Do We Do It?
Members explain why they are involved in competitive lock-style fishing.
Salmon & Sea Trout
John Slader John Slader:
Orvis Head Ghillie
Sea Trout - As Darkness Falls
Shedding light on the enigmatic sea trout.
Manfred Raguse Manfred Raguse:
President of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club.
The Quest for Atlantic Salmon
Recommendations for the best equipment for salmon fishing.
Ally Gowans Ally Gowans:
Orvis-endorsed Guide; FFF Master Instructor; and THCI, APGAI, and AAPGAI Master.
Fly Fishing with Spey Rods
Favourite Orvis products.
Saltwater Fly Fishing
Claus Eriksen Claus Eriksen:
Orvis distributor in Denmark.

Danish Saltwater Sea Trout
A passion for Sea Trout.

Justin Anwyl

Justin Anwyl:
Orvis-endorsed Guide.

Sea Bass Tactics - The 2007 Season
One of the most rewarding factors when working as a saltwater fly-fishing guide is the constant challenge this species presents...

Stalking Sea Bass
Prevalent around the British coastline Sea Bass (Dicentrachus Labrax) are fast becoming one of the UK’s premier saltwater predators...

Sea Bass Tactics (the 2006 season)
Finding any sub-surface highway in a specific area will produce sea bass at some time during the season...

Pike & Other Species
Bob Milne Bob Milne:
Orvis Customer and Fly-Fishing Guide.
Fly Fishing for Tigers
One freshwater fish on the African continent reigns supreme for sheer fly-fishing excitement--the Tigerfish!

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