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No. 46 Orvis Blog

January 2014
Written by: Paul Procter

New London Store a Big Hit
Despite many businesses crumbling in these tough times, Orvis continues to grow. Only recently they opened a new store right in the heart of London. Situated between Pall Mall and Piccadilly Circus and more than twice the size of their previous London shop, Orvis consider Regent Street as their new Flagship Store. Boasting a wide range of men's and women's clothing, including top brands like Barbour and an extensive fly-fishing department, there’s something for everyone. With a heavy footfall already the future for this impressive store looks set to be promising. So next time you visit the bright lights, why not pop along to Regent Street: store details and opening times.

River Levels

Recent readings on the EA website show fluctuating levels that on the whole remain high!

New Year’s Resolution
It’s that time of year when we’re making all kind of promises to ourselves for 2014. Many New Year resolutions involve fitness regimes and perhaps cutting back on a wee dram or two! However, come February we’re back to old habits! This year though why not decide on something that’s a bit more easy to adhere to, like keeping a fishing journal for example. Once you get into the routine it only takes a moment to log down river levels, weather conditions, insect life seen and of course, the all important “catch”. Come the following months, you’ll be amazed how often you refer back to a diary which will often help to improve your catch rate!

Wind & Rain
By all accounts, those who know a thing or two about weather were predicting a hard winter of ice and snow. So far, it turns out all we’ve experienced is deluge after deluge driven on by raging gales. Granted, conditions might be mild with some spring plants already showing signs of flowering, however, our precious rivers remain out of sorts (Refer to chart on the right.) and look set to do so for several weeks yet. This of course has clipped the wings of those who enjoy nothing more than a spell of winter grayling fishing. Not that we’d pray for an Arctic blast like last spring, but let’s hope things dry up in time for the trout season!

Gale Force packs and gear.

Come extreme conditions the Gale Force chest and backpack make a winning combination.

Get tooled-up!
These days it seems more of us are turning our backs on the traditional fly fishing vest and instead looking to backpacks for storing our fly boxes and other fishing paraphernalia. Rightly so in my opinion as these are not only more comfortable, but in the case of Orvis’s Gale Force range they’re waterproof too, so all your equipment can safely be stowed away whatever the outdoors throw at you. The combination of a Gale Force backpack and chestpack will give you enough storage space wherever you plan a day’s fishing.

In the Pink
Granted, it’s rare to find the colour pink in nature, especially where trout and grayling food is concerned as in a bid to go unnoticed these camouflage themselves. However, when it comes to our imitations, it seems anything goes. For some years now, we’ve highlighted our artificials with pink hotspots though more recently our dressings have become more garish. At first sight a pink shrimp might seem almost outlandish, but if you’re brave enough to tied one on through winter months then chances are you’ll be handsomely rewarded as grayling have been known to fall over themselves when trying to grab it.

Pink Shrimp Fly

Like nothing that swims, but the Pink Shrimp is a killer for winter grayling.

Pink Shrimp
Orvis Shrimp/Grub size 10-14
Tan 8/0


Lead foil
3-lb clear mono
Pale grey Thinskin
Body & Legs
50/50 blend of Orvis shrimp (No17) Ice dubbing and scud pink (No76) Spectrablend Nymph dubbing.

2014 Schools and Courses
Orvis have a great range of Schools and Courses lined up for 2014 which cover all aspects of fly fishing and this year look to include the Tenkara style of fishing. So whether you’re a beginner or more seasoned rod, chances are there’ll be something for you. Dates and venues for 2014 are online now. Click here for more information.

For all Orvis schools and courses click here

For further information and bookings
please call.
Phone: 01264-349515

Paul Procter
Orvis UK
January 2014

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