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No. 57 Orvis Blog

December 2014
Written by: Paul Procter

Pictured: John Beer and Charles Rangeley-Wilson

John Beer (left) receives a welcome from retiring WTT President Charles Rangeley-Wilson (right).

A Fond Farewell at Bristol Water:
The end of an era occurred recently at Bristol Water when, following almost 50 years of service, Bob Hanford retired last month, reports Martin Cottis.  By all accounts, his send-off was extremely well attended by both anglers and club officals.  The day included presentations firstly by Bristol Water, and then by Martin himself (on behalf of Bristol's BRFFA). The Club had decided on something decent for Bob as a “thank you,” so what could be better than a Helios 2 rod as a leaving gift!  Working on fisheries nearly all his life, Bob rarely had the opportunity to wet a line, so this surprising gift has spurred him on somewhat.

WTT New President:
Well-known author and journalist Jon Beer was appointed the new President of the Wild Trout Trust at their AGAM recently.  Formerly a Vice President, Jon has been a staunch supporter of the WTT since its early days by promoting the organisation in the written word, video work, and his many presentations. 

WTT Chairman Edward Twiddy said:

“The WTT President has always played a very important role in promoting and representing the Trust and the lot of wild trout across the UK and more widely. Jon has been bringing the pleasures of wild trout fishing, and the human zoo that is attracted to streams and lakes around the world, to audiences for many years. People and the attitudes that we bring to our lives together will make or break the habitats on which wild trout rely on. Jon will ensure that we see ourselves with the due mixture of reflection, determination, and ridicule that makes it possible to succeed whilst enjoying ourselves.”

Storm Gale Sling Pack

The Storm Gale Sling Pack is built to accommodate copious amounts of tackle for any type of fishing.

Before stepping down as President, Charles Rangeley-Wilson was presented with the Bernard Venables award for his outstanding contribution to the conservation of wild trout. The award was in recognition of his vision as one of the founders of the Wild Trout Trust, and for his commitment to improving our rivers through campaigning work with WWF and work with the Norfolk Rivers Trust.

What Gifts?
Outdoors folk can be a difficult bunch to buy for, especially if you’re not familiar with their chosen sport.  Orvis gift vouchers, however, ensure your loved one will be able to suit up with the appropriate tackle.  Redeemable both at stores and online, gift vouchers make the ideal present or stocking filler come the festive season.

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Clouser Minnows

Clouser Minnows, dressed in a range of sizes and colours, appeal to many types of fish in fresh and salt water around the globe.

Gale Force Sling Pack:
Since being launched a couple of years back, Gale Force luggage and bags have been well received, especially by those venturing into the unknown.  Boasting all the features to combat wind and rain, the Sling Pack has recently been added to this range. What’s impressive is the sheer size of this pack, which is roomy enough to accommodate for all your essentials.  Arranged with mesh pockets, the main compartment easily houses a number of fly boxes.  A zippered outer pocket is ideal for carrying spare tippet, floatant, sinkant, and other peripheral items.  Although this pack will prove popular with river fishermen, it’s just as at home on the shores of a tropical flat.

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Clouser Minnow:
Ever wondered what the most successful fly is or, more precisely, which pattern has accounted for the most varieties of fish anywhere throughout the world?  You might be surprised to learn it’s a Clouser Minnow, devised by Bob Clouser.  Granted, many rely on this in larger sizes when chasing tropical or exotic species, like bonefish, redfish and tarpon.  However, a scaled-down dressing can be deadly for trout on lakes and rivers.  Perhaps the most universal colour combination is chartreuse over white, though a pink- or blue-winged version has worth, too.  So regardless of how many flies you care to carry, be sure to include some Clouser Minnows.

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