The Orvis Luggage Warranty

Orvis luggage is extremely durable and can withstand the rigours of travel with ease. However, if your luggage is ever damaged, please follow these steps to send your Orvis luggage that needs repair or replacement:

1. Contact Orvis Customer Service by e-mail or by phone at 0870 066 4188, and inform then that you have a piece of Orvis luggage that has been damaged. Tell them:

a. your full name and address;
b. the luggage type (example: Battenkill Rollacase);
c. the type of damage on the luggage that needs repair/replacement.

2. Write down all of the previous information (your full name and address, luggage type) and insert it into the luggage.

3. Send your luggage to our Andover facility at the following address:

The Orvis Company, Incorporated
Clearwater House
Unit 28 North Way
SP10 5RW

We recommend that you send you luggage using a trackable service for delivery confirmation.

Please allow us 10 days to return the item, plus shipping time. If repair parts are not immediately available, additional time may be needed.

This warranty does not cover airline damage—if luggage is damaged by an airline, please file claim with your air carrier to obtain compensation.

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