7' Trout and 10' Salmon Poly Leaders

You'll get fantastic control on your line with our fly fishing leader.


The fly fishing leader line you need when you need to go deep. New poly leaders sink faster, cast better, and attach easier than other sink tip leaders. The high-strength, level monofilament core is coated with a supple tapered polymer for super turnover and fast sink rates. A welded leader loop means a quick connection to your fly line.
  • Trout leader: Add 4-12' of 2- to 12-lb. tippet for custom leader lengths.
  • Salmon: Add 4-12' of 8- to 12-lb. tippet for custom leader lengths.
    Both trout and salmon available in 3 densities:
  • Intermediate Sinking 1.5 inches/second;
  • Fast Sink 3.9 inches/second;
  • Super Fast Sink 6.1 inches/second.
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