Acme Dog Whistles


From Acme, makers of specialist whistles since 1870, these durable plastic dog whistles will be your new go-to for training. Choose from the 210, 210.5, or 211.5 whistles. The high-pitched 210 is quiet to its user, good for close work, and features a weatherproof pea which provides a unique “trill” sound, making it ideal to distinguish from other commands associated with other sounds. The 201.5 offers a very high pitch and is also quiet to the user, but offers a single frequency without a pea making it a great multipurpose whistle for both close and distance use. Ideal for use at a distance, the 211.5 does not have a pea and features a single-frequency, medium-high pitch. All models feature a metal ring for easy attachment. Imported.
8cm L x 1cm W.
  • Experts in their field, Acme have been producing specialist whistles since 1870
  • Quiet to its user and high-pitched the 210's weatherproof pea provides a unique “trill” sound, handy for differentiating commands
  • The 201.5 is a very high pitched great multipurpose whistle for both close and distance use
  • The 211.5's single-frequency, medium-high pitch is ideal for distance use
  • Made with durable plastic to hold up in any weather
  • Metal plastic ring provides an easy attachment point


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  • 210, with pea £9.95
  • 210.5, no pea £9.95
  • 211.5, no pea £9.95
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