Clearwater 5-weight 10' Fly Rod

Handle a lot of line and long casts easily with this 10 foot 5 weight fly rod.


3¾ oz. 10', 4-piece, Fly Rod for 5-wt. line.

For superior long-distance mending and the ultimate in line pickup, the Clearwater 105-4 is the perfect fishing tool. Add distance to your cast, throw indicator rigs without hesitation, and mend line easily with the added rod length, all at a superb value. Well-suited for roll casting, Czech nymphing, or fishing from a driftboat, the 105-4 Clearwater shortens the distance between you and the fish, and stands out as one of the most versatile, and affordable, rods money can buy.


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  • Clearwater 5-weight 10' Fly Rod £199.00
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