Custom Helios™ 3D 908-4 Artist Collab

Our Custom Helios 3D 908-4 Artist Collab fly rod shows off a bonefish cruising across the grip.


The ultimate and incredibly accurate bonefish rod, the Helios 3D 908-4, customised by a remarkable artist into a beautiful piece of functional angling art. Famed fishing artist Tim Johnson is working with Orvis, hand burning a magnificent image of a bonefish pursuing a shrimp or crab into the cork grip. Each image in this special edition series is different as Tim makes subtle changes to make them even more unique. The identifier flag on the blank is ocean blue and the blank itself is matte black. The rod tube is a matching matte black with a glossy black tonal Helios 3 logo. This is unquestionably a dream rod for any angler and is destined for heirloom status. Made in USA.
  • Helios™ 3D 9', 8-weight, 4-piece custom rod
  • Hand-burned Tim Johnson bonefish on the cork grip
  • Each image is unique in this special edition series
  • Ocean blue rod identifier flag
  • Matte black blank
  • Matte black rod tube with tonal glossy black Helios 3 logo


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