Grip-Tight® Furniture Protector

Dog proof sofa covers from Orvis are a must have for households with dogs and other pets.


Our dog proof sofa covers protect your entire sofa while increasing your dog's comfort. This problem-solving furniture cover looks great, feels amazing, and keeps hair, dirt, and moisture off of your sofa. An 8" flap covers the front of your sofa, while a second flap runs along the back of the protector and tucks under the cushions to prevent movement. The non-slip Grip-Tight backing holds the protector firmly in place, even as your dog moves around. And weights in the arm and back flaps keep the protector from shifting when you're seated. A breathable, water-resistant membrane protects your upholstery from moisture. 26" seat depth on all protectors. To determine correct size, measure seat width between sofa arms. 100% polyester. Washable.

Loveseat protector 55"W
Sofa protector 70"W
X-Large Sofa protector 86"W
  • Non-slip Grip-Tight backing holds the protector in place even as your dog moves around
  • Water-resistant membrane keeps upholstery dry
  • Weighted flaps prevent shifting
  • Easy care


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  • Loveseat protector £139.00 - £169.00
  • Sofa protector £169.00 - £199.00
  • X-large sofa protector £199.00 - £229.00
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