Mission Two-Handed, 5-Weight 12' Fly Rod

Enjoy impressive accuracy on long casts with the Mission Two-Handed, 5-Weight 12' 5" Fly Rod.


The Mission Two-Handed 5-Weight 12' Fly Rod is a heavy trout Spey rod that will allow you to fish parts of the river your single-hander won't reach. Use it with streamers and larger flies in big water. The Mission 125-4 will help you uncover new possibilities in familiar waters. The Orvis Mission Two-Handed Rod Series is a comprehensive American-made seven-rod series encompassing the two-handed casting spectrum from compact and versatile 11-foot rods to big-water 14- and 15-foot models. Mission rods are the result of Helios™ 3 design advancement techniques, tested by experts from the Pacific Northwest to Europe. Helios 3 construction design dampens vibrations making casts easier and more accurate with an inherent autocorrect that allows even a mediocre cast to be rescued by these rods. The increased hoop strength we obtain by using H3 construction means less energy lost and more efficient energy transfer. It is easier to develop fluid power in the cast with less effort, because the rods dampen quicker with no wobble, shooting long casts with accurate presentation. Made in USA.
  • 12'5-weight, 4-piece rod
  • Blanks are matte olive with orange accents
  • Quick rod identifier on the blank
  • Composite cork on grip in high wear areas
  • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a SiC insert
  • 25-Year Guarantee
  • Made in USA
Rod outfit includes:
  • Mission 125-4 fly rod
  • Battenkill® Disc IV Spey reel
  • Mission Skagit 360 grain head, .031 shooting line

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  • Mission Two-Handed, 5-Weight 12' Fly Rod £798.00
  • Outfit - Includes Battenkill® Disc IV Spey reel, Mission Skagit 360 grain head, .031 shooting line £1,104.00
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