Natural Edge Dog Feeder


The natural beauty of acacia wood, combined with its strength and durability, make this raised dog bowl truly special. Acacia is used for flooring, so you know it's tough. Acacia also has a natural bacteria resistance that makes it safe for serving food. We have left the natural edge of the tree to create a distinctive look that has a rustic touch. Upgraded, the bowls are a substantial 24-gauge, 14 /1 stainless steel. Rubber feet protect your floor. The dog bowls are dishwasher safe. Wipe feeder or bowls with a cloth dampened with vinegar if you see water marks.


  • Single 25cm H x 33cm L x 30cm D, 2.8-liter bowl
  • Double 25cm H x 66cm L x 30cm D, 2.8-liter bowls
  • Raised dog bowls. Brings the beauty of natural wood to your home
  • Acacia is scratch resistant and durable
  • Acacia has natural antibacterial properties
  • Dog feeding station with rustic appeal
  • Raised dog bowls with substantial stainless steel
  • Rubber feet protect floor. Raised dog bowls


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