Orvis Lanyard


The new Orvis lanyard optimizes tool storage and work-flow efficiency. The Molle-style webbing lays flat on your body preventing the lanyard from twisting. The lower webbing style strap allows many places to customize your lanyard and tool storage. Six paracord loops offer easy docking and points for attachments. The upper forceps dock is designed to keep forceps from swinging. The lower fly dock has a spot to keep flies for quick access and easy drying. Loaded lanyard comes with Comfy Grip Forceps, Comfy Grip Nippers, Hyflote Gel, Floatant Holder, Tippet Bar, and 3 Spools of 30m SuperStrong Plus Tippet (4X, 5X, 6X). One size. Imported.
  • Flat webbing design
  • 6 paracord loops
  • Forcep dock
  • Drying patch
  • Lanyard only or loaded and ready to go


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