Slurps Chicken Concentrate


Slurps are great for thirsty dogs or dogs who don't drink enough water (many dogs don't drink the vet recommended 50ml/kg bodyweight daily), fussy eaters, stressed dogs, or convalescent dogs (poured over food as an appetite stimulant). High omega 3 fish oils provide shiny coats, increase concentration for working dogs, and help lethargic dogs (the first sign of dehydration). Great for disguising medicines. Low calorie tasty treat as a drink between meals or frozen inside toys. In tests, 95% of dogs preferred Slurps to water. Refrigerate.

Ingredients and Nutritionals: water, chicken broth, anchovy/sardine oil, salt.
Analytical constituents per 100ml portion: omega 3 fatty acids 450mg, omega 6 fatty acids 110mg, DHA 132mg, EPA 206mg, energy 15kcal.

  • Great nutritional drink for dogs
  • Excellent for dogs who don't drink enough water
  • Good for disguising medicine
  • Helps fussy eaters and drinkers get the nutrition they need


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