Swiss Bells

Easy on-and-off Swiss Bells attach to your hunting dog's collar for trips to the field.


These genuine Swiss bells were crafted in a foundry that has been making bells since 1730. These durable bells will stand up to years of hard use in the field. Easy to slide onto your dog's collar using the flat, wide-open top loop. No more struggling to attach the bell securely. Use different size bells to keep track of multiple dogs. Designed in the Treicheln style. Nickel. Imported.
Sizes 10/0(1⅞" x 1½"), 8/0(2⅜" x 2⅛").
  • Genuine, Swiss-made bells
  • Clear, clean sound carries well
  • Loop makes attaching to your dog's collar easy and secure
  • Treichln style
  • Nickel


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