Featherweight Lightweight Luggage from Orvis

Tired of Heavy Luggage? Lighten Up with Featherweight!

Pick up a four pound dumbbell and carry it around all day, or imagine if you had to carry two laptops. By the end of the day, rest assured you’d be tired of that extra weight. So why do the same thing with your luggage? Business travel is difficult enough these days without adding unnecessary weight to the task.

Featherweight LuggageOrvis Featherweight Luggage was designed specifically to remove as much weight as possible and not sacrifice the durability and integrity of the luggage. Orvis designers searched the world for the lightest components available that would still meet the standards of strength and durability that Orvis demands of its luggage.

Modern Design

The good news is, new technologies and composite materials are now available that allow this remarkably lightweight luggage to be made. Just a few years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. Orvis Featherweight is made to the same wear-and-tear standards of all other Orvis luggage and each and every component was researched, weighed, and tested against other components to find the best combination of materials for this luggage.

There are three pieces in the Featherweight line; one Rollacase, one Briefcase, and a Backpack. The Rollacase weighs a mere 6.8 pounds. It has a telescoping handle and two exterior pockets, and is fitted with ball-bearing, in-line skate wheels for effortless and lasting service. The Briefcase is designed like our Safe Passage Laptop Briefcase, but weighs less and has the handle pocket on the back allowing it to slip snugly over the telescoping handle for a secure and easy-to-maneuver travel combination.

Lightweight with Ergonomic Design Means Less Stress

The backpack is incredibly light and is built with an ergonomic design that fits and feels better than any backpack we’ve ever tested. No doubt the fact that it weighs next to nothing has something to do with our enthusiasm.

Running from one concourse to the other is tough enough without carrying around unnecessary weight. Shave off a few pounds and see what a remarkable difference it can make in how you feel at the end of the day.