No. 18 – Fishing Tips

14 December 2015 | Paul Procter

The Elusive Permit
Those who dabble in tropical saltwater fishing claim permit to be one of the most difficult and stubborn species on our planet. Tales exist of this highly sought-after species having the ability to simply melt away. Furthermore, permit seem to possess a Zen like sixth sense that allows them to detect danger long before you’re within casting range.

It’s not just a nervous nature that attracts anglers to this flighty creature either. Permit also have an uncanny habit of inhaling a fly without any suggest of a take. Even when you can see a following fish, that vital moment of acceptance is far from obvious. And yet, if you check the terminal tackle, some evidence is usually there by way of a scuffed tippet.

Guides rarely help the situation too. Sure, they want you to hook up, but even the most seasoned of them often have difficulty containing their excitement, which spills over to the person making that vital cast! Often their best intentions come out in a volley of instructions, which only fuel an already tense situation.

Oh, and forget about the hard work being done once you’ve finally hooked a fish. Permit might well head for open water to slug it out, but their sheer speed, power and tenacity makes the battle nerve wracking. You’ll need at least 200 yards of 50lb backing and a reel with a reliable drag.

Finally, anything that can go wrong tends to do so when permit are involved. A tangled fly line when a fish takes off being the usual culprit. Occasionally though, the fishing gods will smile on you and when they do, the moment should be savoured as it could be a long time before the next willing permit comes along

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