No. 16 – Fishing Tips

8 August 2016 | Paul Procter

Cleaning Fly Lines
Compared to silk lines, modern-day, plastic-coated fly lines are relatively maintenance free. That said, every six to eight weeks it’s as well to inspect them for signs of wear (usually hairline cracks) and give them a quick once-over with a cleaning agent. This, of course, should be followed by treatment using a line dressing that not only prolongs the life of a line, but improves slickness, which in turn makes casting more effortless.

Whilst there are lots of newfangled products out there, a 30-minute soaking in tepid water with a drop of washing up liquid softens any grime or dirt that’s accumulated on a line’s coating.  From here, it’s simply a matter of drawing your line through a damp cloth a couple of times. Make sure the coating is totally dry before applying any line dressing, which is best administered via a thin sponge or dry rag.

Although line can be gathered back onto your reel immediately after applying any treatment, it’s perhaps best to leave a drying time of 20 minutes or so.  Any excessive dressing should be removed with a dry cloth, which also provides a polished finish. Some might consider all this effort unnecessary, yet like most equipment that’s cared for, it will repay you tenfold in performance.     

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Passing the soaked line through a damp cloth removes unwanted grime.

A small sponge is perfect for applying line dressing.