Fly Fishing Schools: Learn to fly fish with Orvis UK.
To book a Fly Fishing School contact Orvis Sporting Traditions
on 01264-349515 or e-mail us at

Who Should Attend Our Fly Fishing Schools
Anyone starting out who is a complete beginner to the sport of fly fishing or anyone who would like a few pointers to brush up on his or her casting technique. You are never too old to participate in this wonderful sport. Our instructors make the learning process fun, and truly enjoyable.

Whether you choose to pursue the art of fly fishing on small streams, big rivers or stillwaters in the UK, there’s an Orvis School to show you everything you need to know. Our instructors have the knowledge and experience to introduce you to this great pastime.

UK Fly Fishing SchoolsUnder the watchful eyes of Orvis instructors, you’ll learn:

  • Fly casting techniques
  • Essential knots
  • How to choose your gear and tackle
  • Stream entomology
  • Proper fly selection
  • How to read the water
  • How to play, land and safely release fish

On the school, Orvis provides you with one of their latest technology fly rods. The standard outfit includes a Battenkill reel and Wonderline generally a WF-6-F. We will also provide you with all the necessary tackle for you to use for the duration of the fly fishing school, which is included in the price.

How to Book a Fly Fishing School
To book a course, or for more information about any of our fly fishing schools, contact Judith Thornton at Orvis Sporting Traditions at 01264-349515, or e-mail her at

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