No. 1 – Fishing Tips

18 May 2015 | Paul Procter

So it begins: the long-awaited and much-anticipated mayfly carnival that's known in fishing circles as "Duffer's Fortnight." Admittedly, hatches need to build up a little before trout switch to duns proper, but the sight of that first winged adult hauling itself clear of the surface inexplicably affects those who lean toward dry-fly tactics.

My recent whistle-stop tour to Orvis HQ in Hampshire couldn't have been better timed. An albeit brief session on the upper parts of a chalkstream saw mayfly trickling off—that, in turn, produced some belting wild trout. And just as I was getting into the swing of things, my good friend Nick Measham dragged me away...

Question 1: Can I come up with some half-baked excuse to head back down there? 
Question 2: Is such an excuse really necessary...?

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