No. 7 – Fishing Tips

5 August 2015 | Paul Procter

Soft is the New Stiff…
There’s no doubting stiffer rods are the first choice for anglers who seek distance. Saltwater fly fishers or those who dabble on reservoirs will vouch for this, especially during more breezy conditions. Yet most river fishing situations only call for casts of 30 feet or less in many cases. Using something resembling a telegraph pole not only makes for difficult casting, but because these steely blanks refuse to yield, they threaten the delicate tippets needed to fool fish.

Instead, river and stream enthusiasts should look to more through action rods, like the Superfine Carbon or Superfine Glass. Firstly, these bend willingly during casting, which makes loading the rod easier and thus helps achieve a straight line path during delivery. That, in turn, ensures tighter loops. We only have to think back to antique cane rods, which pretty much flexed under their own weight. Such floppiness meant they projected a line with little effort, making them a joy to use.  

Secondly, a rod capable of bending progressively through to the butt section helps protect more flimsy tippets. It’s actually surprising how much pressure can be applied to a mid- or full-flex rod without the slightest bit of danger to your mono leader. Now, you’re able to hold trout on an extremely short line and angle the rod from side to side, against the pull of your adversary. This continually knocks fish off balance, causing confusion and often tiring them sooner, thus bringing the tussle to a quick conclusion. Granted, you’re never going to hurtle a line over the horizon into the teeth of a gale, but my money will always be on a more forgiving outfit.

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A fine illustration of a progressive action, which flexes all the way to the rod handle, perfect for holding large, defiant trout on a short rein to tire them quickly.

With a smooth through action, the Superfine Carbon is a great choice for tackling big trout on small streams or brooks.