Non-Iron Clothing for Women

Never so much as glance at your iron again—in fact, feel free to get rid of it altogether. With our non-iron clothes for women, you won’t be needing it anytime soon. Gone are the days of ironing a shirt first thing in the morning, only to look rumpled again before lunch. Our non-iron shirts refuse to wrinkle, making them ideal travel clothing. Pack them up in a duffle bag, leave them folded in a drawer, or stash them in the closet without a care. When you retrieve them, all they need is a quick shake, and they’re ready to go. Our non-iron clothes are crafted from specially formulated blends and single-fibre treatments that offer wrinkle-resistant performance in combination with complete comfort. These pieces are appropriately supple, not stiff like so many non-iron items out there, making them the softest, most comfortable carefree clothes you’ll find anywhere. Orvis non-iron blouses come in a variety of styles suited to different situations, with their blends and treatments geared toward their intended use. So whether you’re travelling around the world or just to the office, we have non-iron clothes with the qualities you want and need.