Gear Keeper Staff Tether

Orvis fly fishing gear provides a solution for every angler's needs.


Keeps the staff handle at your side when you need it with Orvis fly fishing gear. Nylon coated stainless steel cable. Stainless steel spring and hardware. Sixty-pound breaking strength. Mounts anywhere with threaded stud. Extends 30".


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  • 5/5

    Great solution for keeping wading staff close! - 10/23/2014
    By: from Montreal QC

    I would highly recommend this to anyone who gets discouraged having their wading staff dangling and pulling down stream on a cord while fishing. It keeps your staff close to your body while fishing and it has more than enough cord for you to wade freely. It retracts extremely well and is essential in my opinion to have by your side. Very well made as well (no surprise being an Orvis product)

  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    Great Purchase - 9/15/2014
    By: from Smithers, Canada

    I attached this to my wading staff while fishing for steelhead in Canada. The river I fished had fast flowing water and the retractable tether worked very well. The wading staff was always by my waist rather than floating somewhere getting in my road. It made fishing much safer for me in the fast flowing water.

  • 4/5

    Great for what it is - 9/3/2014

    I have to use a walking stick when I fly fish and I was sick of never knowing what to do with it or leaving it on shore and loosing track of it. This is perfect for attaching walking stick to vest and keeping it there. The line is a good length and recoils easily and it stays attached to the walking stick without any problem. Broke after many trips and hard use and I had to replace it

  • 5/5

    Great for wading stick - 8/23/2014
    By: from Grapevine, TX

    This is a heavy duty zinger, and does a great job with a heavy wading stick.

  • 5/5

    Back Country Backpacking - 8/11/2014
    By: from Hungry Horse, MT

    I used this to attach one of my trekking poles to my belt to act as a wading staff. It performed perfecting. The retractor has just the right amount of tension to keep it handy without creating so much pull that your arm gets tired during some long and often treacherous stream crossings.

  • 4/5

    wading staff keeper - 7/21/2014
    By: from charlottesville, va

    I like it, keeps the staff close and out of the way, no cord to deal with, no line tangle. do wish it had a little longer rope, but over all, great/

  • 4/5

    Excellent accessory - 2/1/2014

    A neat and very functional staff keeper. The working parts and belt attachment are super. the plastic snap is mediocre and the threaded stud is a joke. there is no way that it will hold in a cork handle, otherwise it is a good value!

  • 5/5

    Good gear - 12/31/2013
    By: from Steelhead alley, Ohio

    Reliable and keeps staff nearby preventing tangles with my fly line.

  • 5/5

    Strong and Secure - 12/27/2013
    By: from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
    Top 10 Contributor

    As I have grown older, I have found myself relying more and more on a wading staff. Once I engage the staff, it is a pain to refold it and unfold it continuously on the river, so I end up just letting it hang in the water. The problem is that it just ends up getting tangled in my legs or tripping me. So I tried this tether - I cut off the line on my wading staff about 4 inches from the handle, and then connected it to the connection on the tether. Then when I'm not using the staff, the tether draws it tight to my waist out of the way.

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