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A Start of the Season Guide for Beginners

Orvis UK are proud to offer an accessible, approachable route into fly-fishing and for this reason, we extend a warm welcome to those who are looking to embark into the wonderful world of fly fishing this season.

To make it that bit easier, we’ve put together a simple guide just for you, to explain exactly what you need to start off with to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on the river.

When starting out, you don’t need lots of kit. One of our Encounter Rod Outfits is a great place to start. These comprise of rod and reel, with a ready-to-use line (pre spooled with backing, floating line and a tapered leader). Simple.

Orvis Encounter Boxed Fly Rod Outfit

There are some essentials that we would highly recommend using for the optimum experience…

First of all, there’s no use setting off without any flies to tie to your line, or a fly box for their safekeeping.


Tippet is needed to tie those flies to the leader, and a pair of nippers to keep close by for line adjustments.

Hats and glasses are also a must, to protect your eyes from pesky flying hooks!

When success strikes, a net is needed to bring in your catch.

Onto the non-essentials, but extremely useful gear.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time digging around in various places, looking for a small yet essential tool. That’s why we recommend keeping all your kit in one, compact place that is easily accessible while staying completely out of your way when fishing. Our Mini Sling Pack offers just that.

Waders are useful for river fishing, but are not essential when the water can be fished from the bank.
If the conditions do require wading, we would recommend our Clearwater Waders, available for both Men and Women. These are light yet durable, and should be paired with the Clearwater Wading Boots. You might also be grateful for the comfort and waterproof nature of a Clearwater Wading Jacket.

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t be afraid to try new things, fish in new places, and begin your fly fishing journey. We wish you every success, of course - tight lines!


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