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A bearded angler wearing a backpack casts their line.

Fly-Fishing Packs & Bags

Fly-Fishing Packs & Bags

There are nearly endless options for how to carry your fly-fishing gear in a pack or bag. We offer the best selection of fly-fishing packs engineered for any scenario. Some anglers prefer a hip pack, others a sling pack, and many require a waterproof pack. Whether you're a high-octane angler-adventurer who already carries a waterproof fly-fishing backpack, or a minimalist who gets by with only the basics in a small chest pack, the Orvis collection includes new and improved fly-fishing bags and packs worth a gander. And if you’re taking off for a far-flung adventure, safeguard your fly rods and gear in fly-fishing luggage designed with extra padding to protect your most prized equipment. Look for 100% recycled ECO CORDURA fabric engineered to endure long seasons of heavy wear. We’ve updated favorite fishing bags with extra pockets, tool attachments, and reinforced fabrics in key spots so you can fish smarter and fish better. Embark on every fly-fishing excursion with confidence: If you need to carry it, we've got you covered.

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