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An angler with tools hanging from their fishing vest wades wait-deep in the river.

Fly-Fishing Vests

Fly-Fishing Vests

We offer fly-fishing vests for every situation. Explore innovative fly-fishing vests crafted with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep your fishing essentials organized and close at hand. The Orvis PRO fishing vest features 18 pockets and a sturdy, abrasion-resistant nylon construction made to endure challenging conditions. The Orvis Ultralight fishing vest boasts a slim, streamlined profile to cut down on extra bulk and weight, but still includes the pockets, fly patches, and tool holders that keep your gear within easy reach. The comfortable Clearwater Mesh Vest is a budget-friendly but well-appointed option for the angler looking for the basics. Constructed in durable, quick-drying material, all of our fishing vests are engineered for impressive performance, season after season.

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