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Orvis Careers

The Orvis Core Values

Surprise and delight your customer. Take pride in your product. Protect what we love.

Orvis Locations

Orvis has a diverse range of jobs in locations throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.

United Kingdom


The UK corporate headquarters and distribution centre are located in Portway Industrial Estate, Andover, after a move from Walworth Industrial Estate in March 2022. Executive leadership, HR, marketing, e-commerce, customer service, sales, inventory, rod/ reel repair, accounts and our sporting services are based in our UK headquarters.


Perk Perkins opened the first UK store in Stockbridge over 40 years ago in Stockbridge and we are still firmly on the High Street welcoming customers through our doors. Retail management, merchandising and fishing specialists are based in Stockbridge.

UK Job Vacancies

Part-Time Retail Associate – Orvis Stockbridge Store

Contact Olly instore on 01264 811019 or for more information. To apply, send your CV to

Casual Retail Associate – Orvis Stockbridge Store

Hours on an ‘as and when’ basis. To apply, send your CV to

Warehouse Assistant - Head Office, Andover

Contact for more information. To apply, send your CV to

United States

The Orvis Corporate Headquarters

The Orvis corporate headquarters are located in rural Sunderland, Vermont. Executive leadership, marketing, human resources, travel, merchandising, sourcing, catalog, E-commerce, retail, inventory, information services, liquidations, rod and tackle, advertising, and our sporting services departments are all based in the Home Office.

The Orvis Rod Shop 

The Orvis Rod Shop is located at 4182 Main Street behind the Orvis Flagship Store in Manchester, Vermont, the same town where Charles Orvis opened his very first fly rod shop in 1856 and where all of our finest fly rods are still built. The Rod Shop employs a dedicated team of rod designers, fabrication specialists, pattern makers, machine operators, finishers, and product testers. The facility also includes rod and reel repair services and warehouse operations.

The Orvis Distribution Center

In the summer of 1987, The Orvis Company moved its distribution center to Blue Hills Drive in the Roanoke Valley. Executive warehouse leadership, telephone sales, customer service, personalization, tailoring, information services, and shipping and receiving are all based in Roanoke.

US Job Vacancies

Visit - Careers & Opportunities | Orvis

Working Dogs

Our dogs make every day better and welcoming them into the Orvis Headquarters was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Our fellow, furry colleagues brighten up our mornings, chase tennis balls at lunchtime, and snooze away the afternoons.

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