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Fly-Tying Hooks

Fly-Tying Hooks

Explore our wide array of premium fly tying hooks. Start with our Clearwater Hook Assortments, offering 180 of the most popular hook sizes and styles for tying everything from tiny dry flies to large streamers. Browse our barbless tactical hooks, classic extra-fine hooks, 2X hooks, and more—whatever dry fly creations you have in mind, you’ll find these hooks reliably strong and sharp. Our wet fly hook options include every variation you could want for tying the most durable and lifelike patterns, including scud, shrimp, worm, or caddis emerger imitations. Versatile streamer hooks are designed to handle even the most aggressive species of fish—from straight-eye streamer hooks to specialised pike and muskie hooks, our streamer hooks are always razor sharp and built to last.

Don’t trust just any hook when tying your favourite steelhead and salmon flies: our short shank, wide gap egg hooks are exactly what you need when targeting powerful steelhead. Add some lifelike action to your steelhead and salmon flies with articulated shanks. Available in five colours and constructed in stainless steel, these are the go-to shanks that will never let you down. There’s nothing like watching big bass and other aggressive species smash your popper flies on the surface—start tying your own popper flies with our popular popper fly tying kit. Each comes packaged with detailed instructions, ten foam bodies, and ten hooks.

Saltwater flies need to stand up to the harshest conditions and some of the most aggressive, hard-fighting fish on the planet. Our saltwater hooks are designed to withstand the demands of saltwater fishing. From specialised bonefish and tarpon hooks to pre-sharpened saltwater hooks, our collection includes what you need to hook and land big game species. And you can rest assured that with Mustad and Gamakatsu hooks in your arsenal, you’re fishing with the best saltwater hooks in the world.

Whether you’re pursuing small brook trout in mountain streams or giant tarpon in the Florida Keys, Orvis has the hooks you need to maximise your time on the vise and increase your success rates on the water.

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