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25TH & 26TH JUNE 2022


Expertly guided and looked after by a team of saltwater fly fishing guides - Michael Rescorle, Joe Walker, Philip Spratt and casting instructors from GAIA, the sessions will focus on the basics of fly fishing and fly casting, followed by beach workshops apply these learnings to saltwater fly fishing.

All anglers must bring their own tackle, clothing and kit. For more information, please see the Kit List recommendations below. The event is held over two days and will include talks on kit, species, where to fish, tactics, as well as casting clinics to give it a go yourself. There will be guided beach workshops, giving everyone the opportunity to try and catch a fish.

A full timetable and welcome pack will be provided ahead of the weekend to attendees via email. Orvis will be following government guidance closely and the itinerary is subject to change in line with social distancing and other potential restrictions.

The Orvis Beginners Saltwater Weekend on 25th & 26th June 2022 is now sold out. If you are attending please see venue and kit list info below.

By adding a Beginners Weekend to our Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival schedule, we have been able to introduce new people into the sport, whilst connecting them with other likeminded anglers after a year where the opportunity to meet new people has been so limited. We now look ahead to our Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival in September, which will see over 100 anglers compete in a friendly weekend of fishing at Chichester Harbour.
— Adrian Woolford, Managing Director of Orvis UK


We can confirm that the workshops on Saturday 25th June will take place in the Winchester Suite at the Langstone Quays Resort Hotel from approximately 9am, followed by casting and beach workshops at the beach on Ferry Road (105 Ferry Rd, Hayling Island PO11 0DQ) in the afternoon. Sunday will be focused on fishing with the guides on the beaches again, spread across a couple of locations. Beach locations are subject to change depending on the weather, however they will all be in the Hayling Island and Chichester Harbour areas and you will be notified in advance and met by our team of guides on the day. We will confirm the exact locations and timings when we send out the itinerary. We anticipate everyone will depart the event on Sunday at 4pm.


Rods, Reels, Lines, Tippet and Leaders:

  • We recommend a 9-foot 8-weight rod with suitable reel and line as the go-to outfit for saltwater, but you can get away with lighter tackle especially if chasing species such as mullet. 

  • A standard trout fly fishing rod and reel set-up also works well, which is perfectly capable of handling our UK saltwater species and in terms of rod weights, anything from a 9’ 5wt up to a 10’ 8wt would cover most UK species. 

  • If intending to target bass, a 9-foot tapered leader with a breaking strain of 16lbs or stronger is ideal. A spool of 16lb tippet material. If mullet is the target, then a 10 or 12lb leader and 10lb tippet works well.

  • A weight forward floating line and an intermediate line should cover most bases 

  • A selection of 6 saltwater flies. Smaller flies in sizes 4, 2 and 1 will be adequate so consider 2 Baitfish, 2 Clousers and 2 Deceivers in any of the following colours - chartreuse, blue, white, grey or orange. A surface fly such as Blue Slider would be useful. If targeting mullet then consider smaller shrimp or worm patterns in a size 12.

Kit and Clothing:

  • Fishing net 

  • Rucksack, sling pack or waist bag 

  • Sun cream 

  • Nippers and hook removal tool 

  • Sunglasses and a cap

  • Waders, Wading Boots, Waterproof Jacket

After Care:

  • The biggest point here is always thoroughly rinsing down rods and soaking reels in freshwater afterwards for all kit used in Saltwater, then rinsing and drying off before storing away in rod socks/tubes. The same can be said for rinsing jackets, waders and boots. This is absolutely essential to ensure that reels without a sealed drag are not damaged by saltwater.


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